So I was bored and I decided to read, I wanted to read something relaxing and funny so I settled for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA by Lauren Weisberger. The book is about a very hard to please boss named Miranda who makes life difficult for everybody around her, from her Nanny to her colleagues, her employees, society friends and most especially her assistants. She helps her assistants get to the places they would love to be career wise after they work under her for a year even though she gives them tough time and make them work ceaselessly non stop! Yes she is that kind of boss that makes your heart stop beating when you hear your phone ring, the kind that makes sure her assistant dress fashionably even if they are uncomfortable. The protagonist Andrea whom Miranda being British calls “Ahn-dre-ah” was subjected to this, even though she hates everything fashion which is what Miranda Priestley, her boss represents, she stayed at Runway-a fashion magazine just because she needs money to to maintain herself as an adult and also because she felt she needs some experience before she gets her dream job at The New yorker, a magazine that deals with more important issues besides fashion.
Many have critized the book and almost everybody has one scathing remark about the “villain” Miranda, however I do not see Miranda as the villain who makes life hard for people unnecessary, I think Andrea is not sincere with her description of her boss as someone that is mean and makes impossible demands, I think Miranda is more of a mentor, not in the way you might think after reading the book, but I think her demands only make her assistants better, she pushes them more than they thought they could go she makes them do things they’d have thought impossible and they succeed, for example the new Harry Potter book Miranda demands for before it release date, take also a situation whereby Miranda would request for something out of the blues but Emily, Miranda’s senior assistant would have done it before hand, I believe all these helpa in building her assistants. Miranda too was not born with a silver spoon she got to where she is as a result of her hardwork and perseverance, she might be frustrating and annoying most times but she prepared Andrea for what life could throw at her, save her writing skills and besides she once told Andrea “you remind of myself”.
Try and read the Devil wears Prada. And oh, girls who love glitz and glamour would not want to put it down!


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