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Hello lovelies, here is a sweet story of love. Beautiful Gift and her beau Kelvin became man and wife around December last year, I was too caught up awwwning that I forgot to make a post about it. I said to myself during their wedding “this is worth posting and it must be posted”. For you who still thinks love has a barrier you need to read this.

How did you meet?
GIFT: He used to live at a house adjacent to mine when he was studying in Ilorin. It just started as an innocent friendship.
The friendship started through my sister and her big mouth and walkabout legs. Lol

When did you start dating?
GIFT: His girlfriend broke up with him, she said she couldn’t cope with distance relationship then we got closer with talking and arguing about anything and everything both reasonable and unreasonable, eventually he asked me out and I took my little time before saying yes, that’s how it all started August 6th 8yrs ago….I think

“a day never went by and still goes by without one calling the other at least 4times… “

Wow, how have you been able to keep things together for 8 years?
GIFT: We had our ups n downs, we had quarrels but they never lasted 24hrs and we both couldn’t go to sleep angry at each other. He would get pissed when I form a bond with a guy friend his excuse: “you and I started as friends and I knew what I was after all along, I will get pissed at him for being bothered and we would go on and on till one apologized.

Was the relationship long distance or you were together?
GIFT: We had a long distance relationship but we made it work through communication, chats, calls, messages, just talks. I mean a day never went by and still goes by without one calling the other at least 4times. That was what kept us.

How did he propose?
GIFT: Proposal… we were at his mom’s place for the weekend with his siblings and their spouses and kids. That week was one of his brother in-laws birthday and his sister asked me to help her prepare some snacks and drinks on Saturday. Saturday night he told me we would be going out on Sunday to chill because he did not want their birthday celebration to disturb us, so Sunday came and we went out only for me to come back and open the door to hear SURPRISE!!!! From everyone. Imagine the shock on my face that afternoon when I turned around and saw the kids with the cards that read “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and then I turned to him and found him down on one knee with the ring and of course I said YES!!!! Fast forward months later I’m married to Mr Gbolahan Kevin Olusoji Ayeni.

This is Amazing, I love Love! I have always admired them from afar. Thank you so much Gift for sharing your story with us. I wish you a blissful marital life.

Lessons I learnt from their story is
– There is no barrier when Love is involved, Tribe, distance, work. You and your partner can break it down if you are determined to make it work.
– Communication is important in a relationship, this bridges any emotional gap between the two of you, you shouldn’t wonder what to say to your partner when you are dating, talk… Just talk.
– What is meant to be will surely be…

I wish you all a day filled with Love.

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  1. AvatarGrace

    What a gift of love. This is touching and amazing, may God bless your marriage and forever overflowing love and peace reign in your home. My Gifty


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