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Here is the set of rules men abide to, it is a reply to THE 12 commandments of the Chic Code.

We don’t snitch ever: we don’t snitch on our friends, we don’t tell his girlfriend about the other girl, we don’t tell anyone his secrets, we don’t out him when he has done something wrong, we would rather stick with him and get punished for it together if it involves a penalty.

We insult each other: Guys make fun of each other and the insults shouldn’t be taken as an offense, it is a ritual and when we make fun of you, we are about to initiate you into the brotherhood. We use swear words and throw insults at each other and everything except our Mothers, we don’t mock each other’s Mother.

We fight and get back on common ground through baseless things: We settle our fight within seconds and laugh over really senseless stuff.

We don’t check each other’s Penis: We don’t bring out our precious organs and a ruler to check out which has more length and girth, we only brag about it.

We don’t interrupt our friends conversation with a girl he is hitting on.

There are times we just want to be with our guy friends: We are not hanging out with another girl neither are we bored of our girl’s company, we just want to chill out with our bros.

We don’t want disturbance when we are playing video games and don’t try to stop us from playing video games.

We don’t go after our friend’s Sister.

We don’t prevent our friend from getting the cute girl.

We real men don’t kiss and tell.

We make our friend look good by being stupid when need be.

We always got each other’s back.

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  1. AvatarT.piano

    Nice codes.. But guys breach that friend’s sister package so well… And also the kiss and tell… Lots of breaches over here… Lol


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