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Good morning lovelies, today is the first day that starts the eventual end of my sojourn here. What am I saying? I am just trying to sound intelligent that doesn’t make sense one bit.

Anyways, what I meant is, I start my exams today, and I don’t know. That weird feeling is not there neither is that feeling of confidence. I am just there, I should say I am a mix of the two sef.

I have been having silly dreams as usual and that paranoia dream of me missing an exam hasn’t started yet. Ehehe imagine missing an exam? So this morning I was thinking of what to wear to avoid last minute rushing and I remembered I couldn’t wear some certain tops over a trouser lest I get told to get out of the examination hall for dressing indecently, that thing can be destabilizing. I can’t imagine going through the arduous task of going back to wear another dress and rushing back to the exam hall.

Are there times you think you have some incriminating stuff on you as you sit in the exam hall and you wait for the invigilators to find out? It happens to me a lot, and whenever I hear “what have you got in your pocket” my stomach clenches and I turn around in panic to confirm it is not me.

So I am going to be examined today for my knowledge of African Magic and medicine, Witchcraft and Sorcery, Divination and it methods. Sounds like a typical Harry Potter class, I am Hermione Granger and this is just a warm up before I go and crush all those questions with my ball point wand. It is good to have hope o.

How are you today? Do you also have an examination? Work? Shop?

I have to go, but remember scoring As in all your courses is not the definition of success, success is when you make things happen few years from now, so why don’t you relax a bit from cramming and stressing yourself to get an A, why don’t you calm down a bit and stop futile competition with everyone, remember few years from now nobody cares who had 84 in an exam where 99% of the class has a carryover. Few years from don’t be found wanting in the apex of success.

All I am saying is, stop exhausting yourself on senseless rat races.I am not making sense, hopefully I will when I am done with this sheeeeee…

# xoxo


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