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If you are the daring type or the type that loves to stand out in ensemble that draws approving attention to your persona, then the metallic skirt is for you.

Metallic skirts are often pleated knee-length, ankle length or midi skirts that are in shiny gold, green, neon, silver and other eye-popping colours, they are made with shiny fabric that glitters with every movement, it is a fashion item that adds colour and vibe to your wardrobe.

The metallic skirts are hot numbers on the list of most sought fashion pieces this season after gracing the runway through Marc Jacobs and Gucci, many fashion icons like Solange, Alexa Chung and fashion bloggers have been rocking the metallic number recently and it looks like a hot sauce on the fashion block right now, a common feature on street style fashion it can be rocked in different ways. The beauty of metallic skirt lies in it versatility and the smooth transition from a work outfit to a date night apparel.

Check out this looks

Which is your favourite? Solange’s outfit does it for me.

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