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Good morning everyone, who had a lovely night rest like me? I slept and had an almost dreameless night.

I woke up this morning with lot of questions, why is there so much suffering in the world? Why are some children left on their own to hustle for food and clothing? Why do some people dance with glee when they are given 100 naira to get a plate of food that wouldn’t put an end to the perpetual hunger they feel? Why do some people run in traffic daring cars just to make their daily bread?

There are some times I wonder how such people would feed when they could not sell any of their wares or get token from people they beg from? How do they sleep at night? What happens to homeless people when harmattan threatens to freeze them out of existence.

My heart bled as I saw kids scramble for leftover soup and scraps, hungrily licking the plates without minding whether there are bones mixed with the soup or not. How they stare with hunger boldly written on their faces singing songs that stop making sense the moment hunger sinks it teeth further into their belly, their dirty feet, faded torn clothes, plastic bowls, yellow teeth and white faces.

How much longer?


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