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Good morning beautiful people, who had a rough night? Who had a lovely night rest? Who didn’t have a night at all?

Am I the only one who has stupid recurring dreams or nightmares? Like a dream that always plays itself every now and then but it could take different forms but the events are always the same? Am I the only one?

So yesterday, I was tired and I almost fell asleep hungry, but my stomach will not allow me have a sound night rest without being taken care of, so I poured spaghetti inside water, flung salt in it, threw in a bit of groundnut oil and I reckoned it would be checked in 15 minutes, ten minutes after I had nearly finish the pot of half done spaghetti but I didn’t notice. Hunger is nobody’s friend.

That was how the guardians of sleep finally allowed me to pass to dreamland, I didn’t know something not-so-spectacular was waiting for me there.

I saw myself in my grandmother’s kitchen washing plates or eating, I can’t remember then some boys were passing and I peeped through the window to look at them( ofofo followed me into the dream) suddenly one of the boys started shouting and said a girl peeping at them just abused them(please how did he know? Dreams can be stupid o)

That was how I ran into my grandmother’s shop from the kitchen, then I went to hide myself under one shelf that is painted white, I used jerry cans and bags to cover myself but my legs was still showing. They looked and looked oh, they did not see me.

One of the pursuers phone rang and funny enough, I heard his sister telling him that the girl who can protect or destruct him is inside the shop (lmfaaaaaaooooo). The pursuer told his friends ” I am not doing again”.

They were arguing among themselves because some still wanted to chase me, ehehehe as the Ayamatanga I IS, I jumped from my hiding place and started displaying for them,twisting and coiling(please stay away from Nollywood movies especially Yoruba). Then I was laughing hahaHhahahahahahhaha. All the boys were cowering.

Then I disappeared(I was shocked too) and I could still see them as they ran away screaming ontop of their voices, ehehehehehehehhehe.

It may be worthy to note that I have had this dream of being chased for no reason before, because I could remember I don’t abuse people in my dreams and I don’t go looking for trouble, so whoever is in charge of the department or ministry of dreams should take his/her time. I am tired of running around for a stupid reason like peeping through the window. Why will the “me” in the dream run when our door is locked? How did they enter? Who are they looking for? How can they enter my grandmother’s shop through our kitchen and nobody saw them? Why was I home alone? Jeeeeez.

I wish you all a beautiful day ahead, I am off to rehearsal where they shake waists and I join them with mine that is stiff. Where our director frowns his face and his moustache looks like those of the Indian imperialist in Amar,Akbar, Anthony movie. Where our stage manager shout and shout and you furtively check out her behind incase a poo has escaped from it place of hiding. Where the assistant stage manager’s mouth is ever busy munching and drinking, Where the assistant director acts like… Oh well I don’t even know. Where I the costumer sit and look on, causing unnecessary troubles and insulting everybody.


4 thoughts on “THE MORNING POST

  1. AvatarHananni

    some dreams can be silly sha… qoinq out of your hostel and seeinq yourself in your villaqe kitchen


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