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Lately, I have been dreaming of babies. Dark, chubby, big eyed babies with heads full of hair and blue clothes. Egbami o.

I am not understanding why baby dreams will leave their abode and start to haunt me. This is haunting, someone can not take a stroll in dream island again without having nonsense dreams that does not conzign somebody?

Why can’t I dream of the regular the abroad dream I always have? That one that I would see myself in London or America, that I would be strolling the streets oblivious to the harsh weather, poking my flat small nose into stores, buying different stuff and swiping cards to make payment, smudging stores windows with my sweaty forehead when I am not with my card. Duh

There are times I control what happens in my dreams when I dream, does that happen to you? Like when I have my the abroad dreams, let’s say I was strolling in one beautiful park like that I would just tell my dream “one handsome dark skinned somebody should come along nah” and woops it happens and then I tell my dream “make him talk to me and he must like me o” and woops it happens and then I whisper to my dream “let him kiss me nah” so we would bring lips together, then the kissing will start but I won’t feel anything it would be as though I am tasting air, I would get so frustrated that I would open my eyes to glare at him, instead I would see my grandma’s dimly lit torch. My Ankara cover cloth twisted around my laps like ivy. With smelly saliva all over my face I would drag myself to the three-sitter and try to force the kissing scene in the dream to come to pass, I would replay and replay but I would still end up kissing air. Then when we try kissing again for the umpteenth time. My grandmother would shout my name from wherever she is

“You won’t go to school today abi? It is 7:40am!”

Have a lovely day, may your beautiful dreams come to pass #xoxo


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2 thoughts on “THE MORNING POST.

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