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Good morning lovelies, how was the night rest? I was about to receive my valentine gift in the dream when one killjoy turned on the light.

Celebrants of yesterday hope you all had fun? And now that it has ended I can stop being jealous of those of you who received Cakes, Chocolates, Perfumes and Jewelry for the celebration. I wonder who made the suggestion that the things I love should be gifted out as Val’s gift. Ain’t they supposed to be for me and just me alone?

You all that didn’t celebrate what happened? Forming Holier-than-thou or you just don’t see the sense in it? Hope it didn’t pepper you as lovers were canoodling and sharing gifts? It did abi? Epele ooo.

How was Val Waka waka now? Who has a scintillating gist? Aproko Madame has something for everyone but that is coming up by 12pm. Her previous Aprokos are here and here

I wish I was able to go into town yesterday to go feed my eyes but I don’t have extra cash, I mean don’t you think this is the most boring val ever? I don’t know about the night party though but there sure weren’t red and white combo anywhere in my school. They can’t even wear nonsense and let someone laugh. O ma ga oooo.

I was super excited there was a test yesterday, I don’t know why but I reveled in the fact that most of them will spend the early hours of Feb14 reading. Ooobi

The most humorous part of yesterday guys, was when a coursemate of mine posted her and her val’s pic on my department group chat on whatsapp. Hahahaha the responses to the blurry loving pic was hilarious, one said he had seen the funny pic on nairaland. Another passed a snide comment while somebody asked if it was her boyfriend, the aunty got offended o and asked if she can’t post whatever she likes, like what the heck do ya mean about that? Ain’t nobody wanna know what’s up with ya relationship! I don’t understand the idea of sharing us pics of you eating chicken and loving up with your bae on a group chat, we should do what? Dance around you when we see you like we never seen someone eat chicken and snap pics with her dude before? I was so pissed ehn but I had to maintain because I am Lady Anonymous. Cool Badt Girl #adjustsAviatorsunglasses.

Some people have bipolar disorder, like why would you start boning someone you had no face altercation with? For no reason you just choose to start keeping stupid malice with the person, you will run away like somebody who just saw Karishika in her full glory, look everywhere but their face when you see them. What are you really guilty of? That behaviour is really silly, it is better you walk up and tell the person you are offended by this, that, those instead of acting like somebody whose brain has been soaked into Ogogoro. I am guilty of this too but I know when to take my drugs.

I don’t know what to cook this morning, I ate away jealousy yesterday and consoled myself by overeating till my tummy ache. Anyways have a nice day ahead beautiful people. And don’t forget to make today count.


2 thoughts on “THE MORNING POST.

  1. AvatarSassyBahristah

    Hang in there. Our heavenly Father, the Boo-of-the-boo-less neither sleeps nor slumbers. Lol. Loved it!


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