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If you know me, you would know I have a penchant for having really silly dreams, so it was no surprise when I saw Uriel in my dreams, Uriel as in Uriel big brother Nigeria. That big, bold beautiful African woman that walks around like a true African woman. Lol what am I saying sef?

I saw Uriel in my dreams but I can’t remember if we spoke or not, I can’t even remember where I was in the dream and I can’t remember what we were both wearing, that is unusual. Maybe it was because of the Garri I drank with kuli kuli before I slept, perhaps the soggy Garri and kuli kuli has drenched my brain or something.

Anyways, how ya all doing this morning? Who dreamt? Who didn’t? Who has eaten? Who hasn’t? I am here literally swallowing puffpuff without even tasting it. Nobody should tell me to go easy on food, I am on a revenge mission to fill in the well Exam has dug on my shoulder, the well everyone calls sexy. If I hear.

Congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of our president, it all happened as I predicted, I told my grandmother there would be women throwing bumbum upandan the airport when he arrives and there would be ear to ear grins at Aso rock, in fact people would express appreciation for his safe arrival that some words would go missing from the dictionary due to over use e.g “We” “thank” “God”.

My eye is still doing me somehow, like I should sleep small but I have got a long day ahead of me and oh. Something comes up at exactly 12pm today. No vex if it comes later than 12, it is recession. Lol

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