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Rain! The first rain in the year of 2017 fell for the first time in my neighbourhood yesterday. It first started with drops, then slight drizzle and then… Rain!

I inhaled the fresh metallic smell of rain giddy with joy, nostalgic thoughts flow through my mind as I remembered how I would rush out of the house into the compound in my pant and singlet to dance in the rain with my cousins. How we would cower and giggle when thunder strikes, how everyone avoid putting their hands out to collect rain water when thunder strikes so we won’t turn to cripples, the struggle to drink rain water directly from the sky because our uncle told us it would make us more intelligent, the sweetness and coolness of rain water, the itchy sweet-painful feeling of the rain on the skin, the slips and falls that has us scrambling up to our feet again, pain we won’t feel until the rain stopped falling, the hailstones we call yinyin. The theories we made about rain, I said an angel pours buckets of water from heaven when it rains while my other cousin said the rivers in heaven are overflowing when it rains.

There was a day we were thrown into confusion when we got back from school drenched to meet the streets in our neighbourhood dry and dusty, we had asked perplexed “it didn’t rain here? How come?”. We came up with different theories as to why it would rain heavily in our school and it wouldn’t in our house, after all it rains everywhere in the world when it is raining in our neighbourhood. We eventually understood why it was so with rain when we became grownups.

Yesterday, I was snuggled in between pillows as I wait for the rain to stop, it didn’t fall for long. The streets smell like rain too as dirts from overflowing gutters line up the street, shop owners sit in front of their shop enjoying the cool weather while mothers drag their kids along to avoid getting stranded when rain falls again.

I returned back home with my body light, the rain sure has a calming effect on one. I slept like a sweetheart and dreamt of the White Walkers and the Children in Game of Thrones.

As I type this, it feels as though the breeze is struggling to blow. This weather? I am not understanding it. How was your night and how have your morning been? Don’t forget to vote for me as FEMALE BLOGGER OF THE YEAR AND WRITER OF THE YEAR through this link UNILORIN HYPE AWARDS

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