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A beautiful morning to you, you and you!
Where are you? In class? At home? In the hostel? In an hotel? At work? On the road?
I am in school, had to wake up very early for an impromptu 8 am class, I hate 8 am classes, I hate waking up early I hate not enjoying sleep till my eyes ache and I hate waking with dread.

I have a presentation this morning, two presentations! I feel nervous about the whole thing, what if I gbagauned? What if I fart? I ate beans and rice last night and this morning and my fart smells like beans water that has been left for days in an airtight container. Choi.

And it is not those kind of presentation where you would just push your presenter and group representative like a sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered by the lecturer, everyone in the group must stand in front of the class and talk! And everyone in the group must answer a question.

Abi I should run away ni? Or I should bribe someone to stand in for me? And that man can shout at somebody ehn, what will I do now? Abi I should just muster up courage and just do it, everyone in the class are kuku people I have known since hundred and two hundred level, they can’t eat me Jor.

Adios people, off to form boss for them all, ehehehe. Have a lovely day.


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