Hey girlfriends, what’s up? Most of you all must have gotten the natural hair bug bite right? Those who haven’t would have come across Natural hair topics trending on most social media accounts, the hash tag #teamnatural #kinkychicks #naturalhair should not be new to those who visit Instagram frequently. Most girls now find the natural hair trend cool, in fact I support people jumping on the natural hair bandwagon, it is the coolest trend ever and you (if you are still carrying a relaxed hair) shouldn’t feel like it is something that would soon go out of vogue, naturalistas are here to stay!!!! Yes!
As a full Naturalista (I chopped off the remaining relaxed ends on the 4th of July) I realized most would be naturalistas are mostly scared of these things
– NATURAL HAIR MANAGEMENT (thick hair and kinks)
The funny thing is, these fears should not be a source of worry, neither should the aspiring Naturalista stress much over this, with time I have tried to look for ways to make all these seem easier and this was how I decided to deal with it.
THE FEAR OF EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS :Most naturalistas would have scared you stiff with talks about argan oil, eco styler gel and what not of natural hair care business, however I realized that in as much as these products helps in making your hair stronger, healthier and attractive, you need not go all out to get them and start applying them, the irony is, it doesn’t work the same way for everybody, besides the result I get from using a product may not be what you’d get from using such product.
EASY WAY OUT: Natural hair care products like Coconut oil, Shea Butter, egg, honey, aloe Vera, olive oil, eggs, avocado are basics, all these or some of this can be used to deep condition, pre-poo, moisturize and seal in nutrients in the hair, the LOC method of Liquid Oil Cream can be followed by first using water (liquid), Oil(coconut oil or olive oil) and cream(shea butter) and voila! I think you should go all out to get the expensive if you want to really pamper your hair or when you are really buoyant, else the good ol’ natural products are available.
NATURAL HAIR MANAGEMENT :Is a source of headache to most Naturalistas, I often hear ‘my natural hair is too hard’ ‘my hair is stubborn’ the funny thing is, your natural hair may be beautiful and really easy to manage if you know how to care for it, the hair care regimen of pre-pooing, shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing can go a long way in making your hair manageable, there are lots of YouTube tutorials to learn from, it will make your natural hair journey easier. Besides coils and kinks varies, my hair texture may be different from yours.
STYLING: Everybody talks about how ugly corn rows look on natural hair, how it doesn’t go down and all. The thing is, those talks are lies which have been exposed with the wonders Naturalistas are doing to their hair, bantu knots, twist outs, flexi-rod sets all come out lovely on natural hair.
STEREOTYPE REACTIONS: Battling with negative and stereotypes reactions to decision to go natural mostly make some people give up, the taunts of being a Scripture Union member has made people reconsider going natural, however what people think should not be a problem, natural hair is much more liberating than the relaxed hair and pain we subject ourselves to in the process of relaxing our hair, the African woman is beautiful naturally and our natural self and roots is what we should be concerned about.
More on Natural hair would be discussed in subsequent posts… I would love to hear from you.#xoxo


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