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“Seasons come and go, Flowers die and sprout anew, but I will always be there for you” How would you feel if someone speaks these words to you? Amazed? Happy? Indifferent? Majority would feel good about themselves, who doesn’t need a reassurance from time to time that there is still someone that cares for them in this cruel cruel world. Now imagine resting all your hopes on that person that has made you put faith in them, pour all your hopes on them and has made you start building a future around them, imagine them suddenly packing their bags one morning and leaving you all by yourself, without a prior notification, or maybe they did, after weeks of acting up and sending subtle signals you failed to notice? Or perhaps all was well before they suddenly chose to leave? Imagine how shattered that could make someone. Emotional disappointments like that are difficult to get over, it is similar to getting stabbed in the back by someone you trusted so much.
It is mostly difficult to get over and months or even years of sleepless nights are invested in that bank of pain, which wouldn’t yield any interest except loss upon losses.
However, it is high time we stop letting such get the better of us, we shouldn’t just think our world revolves around just one person, many common sense writers have gotten rich from just telling you over and over again that you shouldn’t rely too much on a person but this could affect you negatively in the long run because you would find it hard to trust, care or love again, the best thing is to have a balance, life shouldn’t be too much of a single thing, you should rest your oars once in a while but never stop paddling else you are at the risk of sinking and when you sink, you may drown! Except you find a way to swim yourself out of that situation.
Accept humans for who they are, our differences make us who we are, our uniqueness makes life much more interesting. So sip your cup of tea or bottle of water and calmly accept the fact that everyone would eventually leave. And those that never did would still leave for no matter how long they stay around you, they will die.
Everybody leaves eventually.


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