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I wanted to say a prayer for all Fathers but not all deserve God’s blessing. I would have asked God to build a mansion for all Fathers in paradise but some don’t deserve to sniff a whiff of Paradise.

So, I am making this request for all men, all Fathers who are not only “Fertilizers” but companions of their lovely kids. Those Fathers who come back from a hard day’s job to the screams of excitement of their children, those weak worn out Fathers that would still carry their kids despite having a tough time at “work”. Those Fathers that has every minute in the world to spare just to answer their kids silly questions.

If only all Fathers could get rewarded here on earth for their struggles and toil just to put “Eba” on the table, from the man tending to his Tomatoes by the roadside, with no Umbrella to save his already burnt neck and face from the angry stare of the sun save the Babanriga on his head, to the man offloading truck loads of tiles, ceramics to the man who drives around town with his taxi. The men who refuse to touch the extra cash on them, the men who saves every Naira and Kobo, the men who deny themselves of lunch so they could take enough cash home. The men who would rather go about town in worn out shirts and trousers just because they want to pay their children’s school fees. Those are Fathers.

There are Fathers and there are Fertilizers, we have those who would rather gather at the “assembly” than attend to family’s needs, the types that would go drinking with friends at the club when their wife is in labour, the types that would go out to chill with women of the night while their kids lay critically ill and on the verge of death, we have them all, the ones that’d rather wear fancy clothes and use designer perfumes at the expense of their family, the types that prefer being a fine boy to being a Father. The ones that gets home after coming back from God knows where to eat the food meant for their kids without giving a hoot about where it was gotten from.

There are Fathers and there are Fertilizers, those that want to be worshipped as a god even though they are useless to their family as a needle is to a Carpenter. We have the dead beat men who would rather run from responsibilities rather than face them, the ones who would take long walk when their kids needed them the most, the ones that would blame “evil spirits” for abandoning their wife and kids for a one chance woman, the one that was never there, the one who exists only in the dusty photo albums scattered in the basement, the living dead. The one who never wanted the “burden of blessing” anyway, when you bring forth something that was rejected, no one stands up to claim it.

Here is to all Fathers, your reward should not belong in heaven only but what are we to do when your life get cut short before you start reaping? If only we could bring you back in place of thousands of Fertilizers.

Here is to all men who think they are entitled to something just because they are Fertilizers, those who feel they deserve 70% of whatever their children get since they are now . You were never there when you were needed, you were not a Father when you were supposed to be one, your children owes you nothing and no, there is nothing like Karma coming back to haunt your kids. You left them when they needed you most, you turned deaf ears to their pleas, I hope you find succor in your bloated beer belly, I hope the pleasures from the women of the night still keeps you company.

Your mates sit waiting for you at the assembly, after all, you all are nothing but Sperm donors.


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