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A man once told his three children to get dressed once its 2pm and wait for him. He told them he will come back from work to take them to a party. The moment it was 2:15 pm every one of them was dressed in their finest clothes. The kids began to lose their patience when the time was 3pm. When it was 3:30pm, two of the kids angrily removed their clothes and went to bed only the youngest remained. He sat all by himself till 4:15 pm when the father showed up apologizing profusely. He explained it was the traffic, the man went to check on the other two kids and found them deep asleep. He decided not to wake them and went out with the only kid who was patient enough to wait for him. Lack of trust and patience made the other two miss out on the party.

TRUST, is confidence in or reliance on a person or quality. We all know that trust is a fundamental human experience, necessary for society to function and for any person to be relatively happy (Bruna Martinuzzi 2009). When you actually don’t have whom to trust, then, fear rules! Most people live a life of not trusting anyone but little do they know that distrust of others makes you live in fear, anxiety, perplexity in short you won’t live a happy life once you can’t trust.

When you live a life of no trust in someone or something. It will make you a stagant human being because you will never develop, you will never learn and most of all you will be poor. Poor in the sense that; you will not see a long term investment of creating several opportunities for yourself, you will not see beyond where you are because you trust no one. Like a friend of mine said, ‘I trust because it is a way of risking something for another that is better.’

At the end of the day we will realize we can’t really do it all alone, that we will always need someone to fall back on… someone to trust. – Tony Oloms

However, there are certain life experiences that can influence one’s ability of trusting others. We all know that we cannot trust everyone we know or see. In one way or the other, everyone has uncertainty about whom to trust, how much to trust, when not to trust and how much to trust. But despite the uncertainties, we must still trust someone because we make often make our decisions based on advise from whom we trust.

Trust is delicate and it needs to be handled with care. We all have one reason or the other why we trust or distrust. Irrespective of our choices we need someone or something to trust because trust is a bond, it binds and brings us together. Trust someone or something but beware of whom to trust , when to trust and how much to trust.

What is trust to you?
Why do you trust?
Why don’t you trust?

Written by Tony Oloms.

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4 thoughts on “TO TRUST OR NOT TO TRUST?

  1. AvatarHakeem Kabir

    Yea, we can’t do it all alone but it’s better not to trust people, disappointment kills.

  2. AvatarTunesky

    I’m not saying you should not trust, but always remember we are in Nigeria.. If you know you know 😆. If you want to trust make a calculated trust and don’t trust with what you see or hear… I think I can explain better when we see 😀😀…

    1. AvatarTonyoloms

      I think your point was covered in the post… The last statement says “trust someone or something but beware of whom to trust, when to trust and how much to trust” it is not easy to do it all alone. However, issues of trust is not only in Nigeria.


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