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The event started around 6:13 pm, INFINIX props is distributed around the whole to show their support for the show. At exactly 6:40pm, Ben da poet, the host takes the stage, he introduced the judges Pjay, Bjazz and Kdance and called the captains on stage after.


SSD’s charity work is being displayed on the stage as they wait for the rest of the captains.
When all the captains were on the stage, the dance routines for the finals is announced to be THROWBACK, this means each faculties present any dance they had earlier presented.

As usual, Ben asks each captain what they are bringing to the table.
Arts captain says “only God decides the winners” though he added they would put in their best, CIS talked about taking the trophy home, Social and Management Science asked all other faculties to watch out, Science promised to drop it like it is hot, Engineering said they would shock the whole wide world while Agriculture promised something different. The faculties of Health Science and Education have been eliminated the previous week.
The faculties are to go in the order of whatever score they had in their previous performance, this means the faculty with the least score will go first, followed by the second least score and so on.

Engineering with 112 goes first
Arts with 284 goes second
Science with 484 goes third
Agriculture with 520 goes fourth
CIS with 570 goes fifth
Social and Management Science with 595 goes last.

There was a short performance by MATT. It is obvious the students were not feeling his performance as he was hinted to leave the stage with the false cheers and mocking claps from the students, but he stood his ground.
There was the INFINIX dance challenge where the winner receives a small pillow and umbrella from INFINIX.


They presented one of their break dance routines.
Judge’s Verdict
You did well, I look forward to seeing you grow.


They did the contemporary dance that marked their presence as students participating in a dance contests and not a comic show. There was extra effort as they reenacted the contemporary dance while Afefe by Temmie Ovwasa plays in the background.

Judge’s Verdict
This is good, very nice performance, nice storyline. You guys are smart and this is the best performance so far.

They showed some energetic stepping to a break dance beat and My woman, My everything by Patoranking. Their formation was tight!
Judge’s Verdict
You guys brought this routine from the first week, and it is better than week one’s routine, I can see some additions. Well done.

Decked in vintage shirts, they shook their thang to Ongba lara mi by Oritsefemi. One of the female dancers was really awesome as she dug and moved the thang like she ain’t send nobody. They ended their performance by removing their shirts and backing the audience to show A. G. R. I. C. U. L. T. U. R. E written at the back of their inner tees.
Judge’s Verdict
I noticed a blend of last week dance. You guys are going far and I wish you all the best.

Man of the Year

There was a performance by Unilorin’s sweetheart M’kido who began his performance with the French cover of Mad of You by Runtown before switching to the hit song Gbewudani. The events took a dramatic turn as an “Orubebe” threw a sachet of pure water at him from among the audience. M’kido however handled it with maturity and continued with his performance and ended it with the groundbreaking talk
” I saw you guy, one love, God bless us all…. See Orimi tetela, e dami tetela, Koju t’awon ota mi!” the audience erupted into screams as he says this and leaves the stage. What a man!

The audience seem uninterested in what they were doing due to the mini uproar surrounding the pure water “Orubebe” thrower. CIS however did their thing as they do it.
Judge’s Verdict
There was lack of consistency and this is visible in other groups as well. I wish you all the best.

They came through with week one routine that ended with a standing ovation and gbosa gbosa gbosa from the audience.
Judge’s Verdict
You guys are getting better and better.

Leo prince takes the stage


Wearing mopol orange and black is the faculty of engineering, who danced to a fast tempo Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara.
Judge’s Verdict
I see you guys growing.

In denim et denim came arts who did some robotic dancing mixed with traditional yoruba dance.
Judge’s Verdict
You guys saved the best for the last! This is the Arts I used to know, you brought show dance, technicality and nice costume.

Students having fun

Another interlude as a student artists takes the stage.


They lit up the stage with colorful vintage shirts and their dance steps to All I do is Win by Dj Khaled and Penalty by Small Doctor.
Judge’s Verdict
Your costume is tight, you guys are creative.

Dressed in white, they danced to Greatest by Sia then did the Juju on that beat and Awilo dance. The dance ends with Boda Kola the welfare secretary screaming and waving his green tag.
Judge’s Verdict
Well done guys, your creativity was noticed bit you need to work on your technique.


Their energy on stage is infectious as they danced to Manolo. They end their dance by gathering their brown ID cards on the neck of the guy in the middle.
Judge’s Verdict
This is your last dance for the session. I will miss your creativity and teamwork. I like this team. Well done.


There was a mini Dj Acemag failure before they began their routine again. Their dance tells the story of students who struggle to go to school and get rejected by the Labour market due to nepotism. It shows how such unemployed person becomes frustrated when house rents, loan, hospital bills and hunger chokes the person and he or she couldn’t meet up with responsibilities and instead takes the cowardly route out. SUICIDE.

Judge’s Verdict 1
I have seen all sorts of dance routine but this is something intellectual and it proves you guys are smart. Congratulations.
Judge’s Verdict 2
Dance is an art and not just for entertainment but education as well, you bring all that.
Social and Management Science students scream and dance.

Ben da Poet comes back on stage with all the faculties to announce the winners. There was a tensed silence as every one waits in suspense. Ben then calls for calm and talked about sportsmanship and accepting defeat gracefully. He then proceeded to announce the Best Captain and Best Dancer who are Slim blast from Agriculture and Abdul Usman from Science faculty.
In the 6th position is Engineering with 358 points
5th is Agriculture with 506
4th is Arts with 519
3rd is CIS with 548
2nd is science with 614

UIFDC champions ’17

There was loud jubilation as Ben gives the thanks and tells the audience to look forward to the next year’s programme.
Social and Management Science lifts the trophy and marked themselves as this year’s UNILORIN INTERFACULTY DANCE CHAMPIONS!

Social and Management Science students jubilating

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