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The Unilorin Inter Faculty Dance competition began yesterday, the 17th of May 2017. This year’s event tagged the Battle Fest is hosted by Ben Da Poet and it takes place at the Mangement Lecture Theatre every Wednesday from 5pm-8pm.


It started around 5:40 pm, after paying the ticket fee of 100 naira, we got inside and met a mini-karaoke going on. It was barely 6pm but every seat was occupied, we were eventually able to get a seat at the front after perambulating for more than 20 minutes.
The judge, KDance, a dashing young man in suit and locs, was introduced by Ben Da Poet. He talked about last year’s event and what audience should expect from this year’s event which is better performances and fun.

Captains doing a freestyle

The captains of the 8 faculties competing in the battle fest were called on stage as Kdance leaves. They all appeared from the audience wearing coloured hoodies, t-shirts and jerseys, they teased with a short dance battle as each faculty competing was introduced. Faculty of Health Science captain, followed by Social Science, Education, Engineering, Communication and Information Sciences, Art, Agriculture and Science all did some jigs and breaks. Art was spectacular with their infusion of the bata dance but it stopped making sense after 10 seconds.

Comedians, Professor and Young MC provided 5 minutes of comic relief by presenting a mock public school debate. After they left the stage, the moments of glory of the last year Inter Faculty Dance winner, Faculty of science was shown on the huge projector placed on the left side of the stage.

Thereafter, the captains were called back on stage to pick ballots that would decide how they come up to present their dances, Education picked number one and they would be followed by Social and Management science, Agriculture, Science, Arts, Communication and information, Health Science and Engineering.

The captains were then asked to tell the audience what to expect and give them a taste of it too by doing a 20 seconds freestyle. We were all screaming, cheering and getting psyched when Ben Da Poet came back on stage with a stern look to ask if the event should continue or be canceled, everyone was bewildered then he mentioned that the indecent outfits which some students wear to show may lead to it ban. He then admonished everyone to dress as a better by far student the next time they are coming for the event. I looked at my plunging neck top and shook my head.


Education – Faculty of Education was represented by three dancers wearing denim jackets on denim trousers with fez caps and sneakers. They danced to Lil Kesh’s Bend Down Select and 9ice’s lowo. The dance ends with the dancers tumbling on their heads.

Judge verdict

He commended their outfit and dance.

Social and management Science – This faculty did not come to play yo! They came on stage carrying plastic chairs, everyone wondered what they were up to. They wore different sweaters with blue shirts underneath and a school bag and began their dance with a loner girl studying and still doing some ballet dance. This faculty infused Salsa, Ballet, contemporary dance, Juju on the beat to the theme of students in a classroom. The dance ends in a dramatic way with the sudden entrance of a teacher with a cane.
Judge’s verdict
” I was lost in the performance” he says and further hails the successful merge of two faculties.

Agriculture – The dancers came on stage with their all black erry thang get up, the girls added colours to their’s with multicoloured plaid shirts tied around their waists while the guys touched up their’s with red caps.
The theme of the song is games, the dance began with a dive game played by the boys while the girls came to disrupt their activities by playing Tinko, this then led to a battle of dance between the two groups. Wande Coal’s Iskabba and Oritsefemi’s Ongba Lara mi was given justice by the dancers. The dance ends with a cheer leader back spot stunt.

Judge’s verdict

He terms their performance a resurrection and commended their better performance compared to that of the previous year.

Science – They came on stage wearing plaid shirts and sneakers, the first set of dancers on stage had their faces covered with black veils which was eventually removed as the main dance began. The theme of their dance is deliverance and two girls danced in the middle as the guys place their hands over them to exorcize them off the spirit of dance? Lol. They did more than justice to Ycee’s Jagaban and Patoranking’s My Woman as the audience continued to scream minutes after their performance.

Judge’s verdict

He expressed his happiness and pride at their performance.

Arts – The three dancers representing faculty of Arts came on stage decked in all black erry thang too from fez cap to their sneakers. They began with a robotic break dance and then did seem popping, the lack of coordination was apparent in the disorderly movements of the dancers. There was no theme and the tempo of the dance and song began to go down at a point. The obviously frustrated audience began to sing “ese ese o ese o, ewa malo” meaning “thanks we have had enough, please leave”

Judge verdict

He broached on their lack of creativity and the rest of his statements was drowned by the audience who were eager to see the dancers go.

There was a break before the next dance and Dj Acemag treated the audience to hits after hits. Three guys sitting at the back stole the show by twerking and whinning their waist to every song.

Leo Prince, a rapper turned up the excitement with an awesome energetic performance with his dancers. It was as though all the energies in Kwara has been dumped at the MLT.

Communication and Information Sciences – The dancers representing CIS were decked in black and red. The theme of their dance is influenced by the Social media, they did the mannequin challenge and some Awilo jigs after they unfroze before ending it all by falling asleep on their side.

Judge’s Verdict

He talked about how they brought more heat this year after doing the same last year and coming in second position.

Health Science – They came dressed in black while the girls have plaid shirts tied around their waists. The theme of their dance is music, they began by demonstrating piano playing with their white gloved hands before doing some slow pops to John Legend’s All of me and the IPhone ring tone then they tilted towards the deliverance theme and then the phone call dance and then eventually lost it in the middle. However, they managed to convince the audience they don’t belong to the clinic only when the girls twerked till the end of the dance. Twerking wins every time.

Judge’s verdict

He acknowledged their effort and how it is not easy to mix medical studies with any other activities and the effort of coming all the way from Oke-oyi to the main campus and said it is not enough excuse for a mediocre performance. He then told the ladies to make sure they are well covered if they have “beautiful body size” to avoid exposing their body unintentionally when dancing.

There was another interlude and Dj Acemag made the audience turn up to Ayuba’s Ijo Fuji, Olamide’s Abule Sowo and Sneh.

Engineering – They all wore plaid jackets and began with a break dance to Chris Brown’s Party. Then they began to tumble before infusing Segun Wire’s Chache pep talk, they then danced to 9ice’s lowo. Maybe I missed their ending because they just stopped dancing abruptly and went to stand in front of the judge.

Judge’s Verdict

He thanked them for dancing and praised their captain.
The engineering students drowned the voice of the judge by clapping and hailing their colleagues.


The host Ben Da Poet came back on stage to tell the audience how to vote for their favourite faculty which is by following Ssd4change on Instagram and Twitter. There was an audience dance competition after this announcement and then dance, dance dance before everyone took their leave to meet again next Wednesday.

Stay tuned for recaps every week. Xoxo.

Photos: Noiz Photography

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