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24th of May was the second week of the interfaculty dance ragged Battle Fest – War against child abuse. Anoti one of the organizers of the event took the microphone around 5:36pm and apologized for the last start before asking everyone to leave the hall so that they can confirm ticket payment. The school paramilitary group Man’O War and the organizers were on guard to ensure the smooth running of the event.

The host Ben Da Poet takes the stage at 5:54pm and urged everyone to take their seat so the event could start. He then apologized for his misdemeanor at the SUB the previous Thursday during the Students Union Week, he called his behaviour childish and asked for forgiveness from the erred student and the faculty of Agriculture. Boda Kola the welfare secretary of the faculty then came on stage to accept his apology because he is their brother. Ben then goes on his knees as the audience cheered him on.
He announced there would be two routines
1- The Contemporary Dance Challenge
2- The P-Square Challenge

Then he asked the hyper audience “which faculty is going to earn the bragging rights this year?” the hall became the tower of Babel as everyone screamed the various faculties they belong too at the same time.

Law was conspicuously missing again this week.

All faculties captains were asked to see the DJ so they would submit the songs they want to dance to as Ben continues to ask the same question over and over again. He then introduced this week’s judges: Pjay, Kdance and Bjazz. After which he proceeded to announce the results of last week’s dance, the first announcement is based on the social media votes which makes up 30% of the total votes while the remaining 70% belongs to the judges.

Pjay and Bjazz

Based on Ssd4change’s social media platforms.
ARTS – 8th position (33points)
EDUCATION – 7th position (60points)
SCIENCE – 6th position (68points)
ENGINEERING – 5th position (78points)
AGRICULTURE – 4th position (99points)
HEALTH SCIENCE – 3rd position (120points)
SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES – 1st position (219points)
Based on Ssd4change’s social media platforms and the judges
ARTS – 8th position (139points)
HEALTH SCIENCE – 7th position (158points)
EDUCATION – 6th position (193points)
AGRICULTURE – 5th position (194points)
ENGINEERING – 4th position (203points)
SCIENCE – 2nd position (246points)
SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCE – 1st position (266points)
Social and Management Science students erupt into screams of excitement at this announcement as they wave their blue and purple tags in the process.

The captains were called on stage to pick ballots at 6:10pm and they are to go in this order

The captains were then asked what they would bring to the table, Health Science captain told the audience to expect the best as he did a short dance to Wande Coal’s Iskabba, Engineering captain says they are “coming hot” and did some jigs to Small Doctor’s Penalty, Science captain promises to be exquisite as he moves to Ice prince’s Popin’ in my name, CIS captain says their performance would be crazier than the previous week’s as he danced to Customer Daada Ni, Social and Management Science captain promises to present “a very good message” and stepped to Customer Daada Ni, Art captain was booed as he tried to talk about what they have to bring to the table, he however spoke above the booes and said they would “try to get back on our feet and deliver the best” he then did some leg moves to Sana Wole, Agriculture captain has “something different” as he also danced to Sana Wole.

The audience dance competition participants were called on stage as the captains leave, the winner is promised 2 packs of chicken and chips and any type of food he/she would love to eat yesterday night. Those who did it for the audience were asked to stay while those who didn’t were told to Gerarahere. Cash was thrust into the pickets of one of the outstanding participants by Mc Sambisa.

At 6:36pm,Bjazz and Delight were called on stage to come and give the audience a taste of what Contemporary dance is. It was a pleasant shock to see a little girl walk confidently on stage with Bjazz, dressed in colourful Dashikis, they both moved gracefully to Darey’s Pray for me. The dance ends with a standing ovation from everyone in the audience! Absolutely mind blowing performance!

Delight and Bjazz

THE DANCE – Contemporary Routine

The theme revolves around slavery and fight against perceived inhumane treatment. A slave driver maltreatment of his slaves as Rihanna’s Stay plays. The female slave collapses and dies as the slave driver continues to whip her, her companion the male slave fights him off and resurrects her as Sia’s Titanium plays. The dance ends with the two slaves holding hands.

Judge’s Verdict
He commends them and tells them to improve their balance.

The theme of the song is drug addiction due to depression. The dance begins with a girl neglecting her books to sniff cocaine, a placard was then carried across the stage to show what happened an hour earlier. The girl was dancing with her lover, then some guys came to beat him up and kill him. The dance ends with Simi and Falz’s Soldier and I missed their ending again because the dance stopped abruptly.

Judge’s Verdict

“Job well done, storyline was confusing” then he commends their technique and dance.

The theme revolves around the loss of a dear one to a terminal disease. The dance began with a girl sleeping on stage, then she begins to cough out blood as Emeli Sande’s Read all about it plays. The dance is heartbreaking and touching and shows parents futile battle to save their child. The girl eventually dies and her mother picks up the letter containing her daughter’s ailment while her father picks her up from the floor as the dance ends.

Judge’s Verdict

He asked the audience to make some noise and commends them for mixing the storyline with the dance. He calls it contemporary with a blend of hip hop and further added that their performance was enjoyed.

The theme revolves around the story of toxic love and domestic violence. A man comes on stage dragging his lover with a rope tied around her legs as Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk plays, then they began to dance with the rope, the girl shows love to her lover but he rebuff her advances and maltreats her instead while she keeps going back. Eventually he tried to kill her but she overpowered him instead and turned him into her prisoner. This is a reverse of events, the one who imprisons eventually became prisoner. It was a captivating performance.

Judge’s Verdict

The judge commends the performance and told them to be careful not to confuse lyrical hip hop with contemporary dance. Above all, she declared that they are wonderful.


The theme is about crumbling under suffering(poverty, disease, hard work with little or no pay). The dance begins with a blue curtain dragged on stage by people wearing black, every other dance wore black as well with painted faces. It started with a worship dance before each girl demonstrates different ideas, the one suffering from a disease, the weak one, the one who is not financially buoyant. The guys encourages the girls by pulling them up and carrying them. The blue curtain then covers them and the dance ends with everyone falling back.

My two naira: The dance shows how the resilient human eventually drowns into their own sorrows after striving and striving. The girls who are suffering throughout the dance represent weakness since weakness is associated with women (I disagree), sickness and the oppressed. Their black outfit and painted faces is a foreshadow of their eventual faith, them black symbolizes hopelessness, the blue curtain symbolizes the sea and their all their troubles. The sea eventually drowning them shows their powerlessness against their tribulations.

Judge’s Verdict
“Wow, now that’s what they call contemporary, I love the technique and everything about this dance” the second judge takes over and adds their style of dance is awesome and the importance of pictures on stage and that when they see themselves they will love themselves.

The audience drowns the voice of the judge with the screams of gbosa as social and Management students jubilate and wave their tags.


They were booed when announced.
The theme is that of influence of the supernatural in fighting oppression. Shirtless guys with painted ribs come on stage to meet pink packages, they happily picked it up and began to dance with it to Temi Ovasey’s Ogo Ire. Two boys wearing black with twigs in their hair comes to snatch the gift killing one of the shirtless guys in the process.

At this point the audience began to heckle them by singing “ese, ese o, ese o ewa malo” which simply means they have had enough.
The dancers however continues with their performance, the other shirtless guys tried to wake up their colleague to no avail. Then a lady comes on stage wearing white and suggestively fluttering her hands, she casts a spell on the people wearing black and made them return the gift. Then she shelters the shirtless guys as she punishes the people wearing black. The song ends with the death of the people wearing black with the lady spread her arms wide apart.

My two naira: The shirtless guys represent the poor who can’t afford clothes. Their painted ribs symbolizes hunger and how the ribs show when a person begins to get emaciated due to lack of food. The people wearing black represent evildoers and oppressors who cheat the poor. The lady wearing white and fluttering her wings represent the angel. Her arms spread wide apart at the end of the dance represent the Madam Justice law statue.

Judge’s Verdict

He thanks them for their performance and admonishes the audience to chill and watch every performance to the end before judging. He then calls the dance “an example of African contemporary dance”

Thumbs up to faculty of Art for rising up and shinning even in the face of mockery.

The SU vice president Purity, the Ags and Social Director Mc Peperenpe’s presence was announced.


They took the stage dressed in colourful ankaras. The ladies wore oleku and gele with beads while the guys wore white top and Sokoto with beads. The theme is about judging people by their appearance. A beggar comes on stage with tattered cloth and tried to join the people dancing to Qdot’s Lagos boys but he was shooed, then the song changes to Dr Sid’s Kabiyesi and a man dressed in a king’s regalia comes on stage he was entertained by the dancers and later joined them. At the end of the dance he removes his outfit one by one until his tattered cloth reveals his identity as the beggar which made one of the female dancers faint.

Judge’s Verdict

He hailed them thrice and then lectures them on what contemporary dance is, he terms it something that has to do with now and not ancient. He then told them their routine is not contemporary.

“Please dress responsibly” flashes on the projector.

SSD company on stage

Students having fun during the interlude

Dj Acemag turnTing it up[/caption]

Routine two – Psquare’s Challenge

Psquare’s Ejeajo

Psquare’s Personally


Psquare’s Get squared


Psquare’s Igbedu


Psquare’s Shekini



Psquare’s Enemy sold


Psquare’s More than a Friend

The next challenge will hold today Friday 27th May which will see one faculty eliminated from the challenge.

Winner, audience dance challenge.

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