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Photo Source: ASUU FUT. Minna

Photo Source: ASUU FUT. Minna

Unilorin lecturers assaulted during ASUU meeting
This picture says a lot. Very soon other Universities may gang up against Unilorin.

The fact that Unilorin does not go on strike makes it the most preferred University by Nigerian parents, who try their possible best to make sure they wards get admitted into the University.

However there are talks going around that the University is not as efficient as it is portrayed.

Most students grumble under their breath when they encounter situations in which they are treated no better than animals. Students who spoke under anonymity said they regret picking Unilorin during their jamb examination as the reason why Unilorin is called “better by far” is limited to how far it is from the gate of the school to the campus only.

Another student complained about stress encountered daily while queuing after lectures “we spend outs in the sun, sometimes it runs into evening, there are cars but the people who also want to go home are many”. ” they said the hostel is now manual ballot system but everybody kept picking NO NO NO, I don’t know the wizards and witches they would allocate the hostels to” another student retorted.

Another issue which hung like a cloud over Unilorin students most especially the finalist is the mandatory GNS 312 which is required for both 300/400 in the second semester. While 300 students complain about the huge workload that’d be encountered in the second semester, 400 level students are furious, a student mentioned the issue of transcripts and the dent a 300 level course would be in a 400 level result ” They would think it is a carryover and people said that is a disadvantage, me I don’t even understand what is happening again jare”. Efforts to get more final year students opinion prove abortive as majority are scared of going home I.e facing Tanke.

Unilorin, is an institution which deserves praise for still being in session most times other schools goes on strike is a torn in the flesh for ASUU. It is usually the only federal University which is always in session when other schools strike thereby watering down the whole point of the strike since parents wouldn’t think twice before picking Unilorin for their kids when other schools are not conducting their post UTME due to strikes.

I hope Unilorin’s administration would be able to fix what the students complain about, students complain of being treated like dolls daily, majority express fears over how they would perform when they eventually start practicing what they learnt in school others said the probability of getting a job is low and they blame the stress that comes with classes and difficult lecturers.

Unilorin is still better by far, and I believe with time everything would be better than this.


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