The UNILORIN HYPE AWARDS according to The Founder, Mr. Solomon Olumide Emmanuel “ seeks to celebrate and honor students who have immensely contributed to the growth and development of academics, arts, fashion, entertainment, media and sports in the University of Ilorin and it also deems to encourage and support University of Ilorin students in their efforts and to showcase their impact on their communities on the local, national and international levels”. There are 50 categories in which the person with the highest number of votes emerges as the winner.

It took place on the 28th of April at Mazabs Event Center around Tanke Tipper Garage road, the after party was at Princess Hotel’s night club, Club Spartacus.

The guests and nominees were entertained with the funny acts put up by the duo of Mc Sambisa and Oyas.

Wale Turner entertained everyone with an energetic performance of his hit songs Faya Faya and No.

– The event which was slated for 5pm officially began at 10:45 pm.

– People who were punctual were sent out of the hall at exactly 7:23pm, guests were made to stand for roughly twenty minutes before they were allowed in to the hall at 8:25pm.

– The refreshment: Refreshment was visibly absent even in the VIP section, not until few minutes after 11pm did distribution of drinks started.

– Fluctuating Electricity : The light went off few minutes after Wale Turner’s entrance, it went on and off 7 times before it eventually became stable at around 11:15 pm.

– Lack of proper rehearsal by those presenting the awards: There was no synchrony between the presenters and the co-presenters, some missed their lines, some said the wrong things while others couldn’t help making some grammatical blunders. The lack of coherence was a major flop that didn’t go unnoticed.

– Awards distribution started late: The distribution of the awards didn’t start until 11:45 pm.


Classykinging the self acclaimed “young sugar daddy without pot belly” performed the Unilorin Hype Awards anthem to the delight of the guests.

Lanko Theorist the first hip hop artist and lecturer performance of his songs.

The young male dancers decked in similar red outfits and their performance.

The velvet voice Dapee treated people to a slow moving love song which had people awwning and cooing.

Wale Turner’s entrance caused a stir as some people struggled to catch a glimpse of the star.

Mkido stole the show with the huge crowd that followed him on stage to collect his award for Artist of the year.


Mkido – Artist of the year
Mustizz Raja- song of the year
Slimzyoreo- next rated male artist
Fimzy – Dj and most sophisticated male
Abydeco – Blogger of the year male.
Ladesignatory- Blogger of the year female.
Mhiz Zee – Best female dancer
Eminent – Most influential male student.
Purity – most influential female
Bode writes – writer of the year
FikayoCourage – most popular
Rheedah- Oap female
Major Heyjay – Poet of the year.


The late start and the way guests were asked to leave the hall as they fix some things inside is unprofessional for a budding students award program. Guests shouldn’t be made to stand outside for an event that is three hours behind schedule, the African time thing is just not it!

Due to this, my outfit was wasted, the gown everyone praised before I left the hostel sat on my body in protest, there was nobody to admire it and the most hurtful thing that can happen to someone is when your dressing is on point and many people haven’t seen you yet.

Being made to stand outside has it pecks though, at least I got some mini entertainment, some aunties came looking like they are about to be featured in Olamide’s music video, I guess you guys understand what I meant by that. One aunty pleasantly blew me to the early 90s with her lovely silk gown cut into a beautiful style. A lady decked in agbada and pencil trouser looks so smashing, dayum! And the guys? Not much effort, jeans and t-shirt to the rescue. One or two made effort to wear suit, a guy in well cut suit complete with a glittering brooch stole my breath away.

When it was almost twenty minutes and no one is asking to come back inside, the look of annoyance changed to dejection, it was as if an increase in the price of data was just announced, but who wouldn’t be when rain is threatening to ruin your fine boy and fine girl? Peeps be looking like stranded refugees. The big-juicy-but-sour-looking green-t-shirt-wearing dark chubby huggable uncle that asked us to leave the hall be looking like the bouncer that is guarding the gates of heaven.

They finally opened the gate and one boy-alinco-looking dude started to do some reporting for whatever is the name of that TV station, it was another shocker when we realized they had locked the main hall after they decided to let us in! There goes another half an hour wait to get into the hall and praying Jesus doesn’t come before then.

People sprawl on the grass carpet like stray chickens, seating around the stairs like beggars, looking like they are waiting for the apocalypse. One of the people standing behind me farted as I surveyed, can this misery end already?

Rain began to drizzle and they still won’t allow us in, one mind told me to vex and leave, but another reminded me of the food. Gosh, the food. Maybe that is worth waiting for. Wait you said what? Duh, I am not an FFO.

I began to get the ” I like your gown” comments and that kept me going even though them heels be killing me and I couldn’t wait to take my seat and remove the darn thing.

At exactly 8:30 pm, I was a proud owner of a seat at the front, the hall was still half full and the Ushers that stood beside the tables with their different outfits complemented with a gold scarf tied around the neck is confusing, I was wondering what air hostesses are looking for at the award show.

Jokes and razzmatazz began by 8:35, Mc Oyas and his hilarious questions and yabs his “people wey no get data sef dey chat” jibe killed me!

Two whole hours was devoted to jokes and hype “jonmo, jonmo” was repeatedly shouted by Mc Sambisa into the mic.

I was bored out of existence, it got to a point that I tossed poise out of the windows and slouched in my seat, a quick sweep around the hall showed everyone either resting their head on the table or looking like they crave the comfort of their bed so bad. The sets of funny looking slim boys who were dancing like scarecrows getting beats from the wind provided the comic relief at that point. But whose red uniform t-shirts wearing, bandana tying, dark google at night brothers were they?

All in all, I had a good time looking at people, I yawned more than a hundred times yesterday and managed to drag myself without falling on my face to my bed this morning.

Photo Credit: UnilorinHype@IG.

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