While you were asleep, chatting or chyking your bae via phone call, an Instagram war has reared it ugly head between two students of the University of Ilorin. One Mr Gbolahan aka Unilorincrazieclown have been accused by Miss Moyosore Olawepo aka Zeeyarh of scam and blackmail. In a WHATSAPP broadcast message which circulated yesterday, Miss Moyosore said that

Told him I’d pay 2k for 100likes and he ended up tagging friends I already tagged to like the pictures. I didn’t say much and hoped either way I’d get the likes.. Only for him to end up telling I’m paying for tags, tags that were even originally mine.So yes!.. He is a scammer and y’all should should be cautious around him.. He could steal your shoe and cone back to sell it to you. Let’s meet in court for blackmailing me.. @unilorincrazeclown is a scammer

When contacted, Miss Moyosore in a dejected state narrated how she had an agreement with Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown who failed to deliver as promised and threatened her as well. She alleges the altercation between her and Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown has led to an emotional trauma. She alleges Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown of;

– BREACH OF CONTRACT: She narrated Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown expected money even without any visible changes in the amount of likes on the particular photo she was to pay for. She further states he tagged the people she had earlier tagged and who had already liked the picture thereby rendering his own tags ineffective. She adds that he deliberately used fake likes for her and the fake likes eventually got her disqualified because one of his friends reported it.



– IMAGE SLANDER AND BLACKMAIL: Miss Moyosore accuses Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown of cheap blackmail with the way he instigated a blog post against her, discrediting her claims about a breach of contract and stating she swindled him. She also said Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown went ahead to put up her picture with the offensive post.

– EMOTIONAL INJURY FROM CYBER BULLYING: The insults and malicious messages Miss Moyosore has received from people caused her some psychological discomfort, in this age of social media bullying, it is only the tough hearted who is able to wield through bullying especially one that is on the Internet. Miss Moyosore’s reputation is at risk and the malicious content of the posts about her can implicate her chances of getting a professional occupation in future.

Cyber bullying

All that above are what Miss Moyosore accused Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown of. Now like the mummy who has decided to jump into the jibby jabber altercation between two kids fighting over candies, let me state that;

Miss Moyosore never said she’d not pay Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown, she said she had been busy tagging different people and never had the chance to visit the bank. She said she has issues with her bank and could therefore not transfer to Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown. Here’s a screenshot.

Miss Moyosore got disqualified for using fake likes after Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown mentioned the ‘fake likes’ and made a threat.

Also, Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown, if we go by what Miss Moyosore explained, was impatient, he went ahead to talk about how she swindled him after she said she’d pay him his money even without him delivering. It is obvious Miss Moyosore was also a little bit brash with her replies, which could have been triggered by the disappointment she felt after Mr Gbolahan failed to deliver.

It is disheartening to see University students, Unilorin students for that matter going on about an issue that has to do with the meagre sum of two thousand naira, it is even more disheartening to see one of the parties involved going to the extent of having the other party cyber bullied because she is not as ‘popular’

In the course of compiling this post, the broadcast message sent by me addressing what Miss Moyosore accused Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown of was met with responses about how Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown had pulled a similar stunts on them.

A popular Unilorin PR page also discredited him and said Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown and his shenanigans are better avoided.

Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown, as if getting her disqualified wasn’t enough, going on a blog to slander because of 2k is the limit, the girl would have probably let things slide and accept her disqualification with a pinch of salt if you didn’t do that, you have her picture up on a blog where she is accused of scam, that is a slap on her reputation and future.

We tried reaching out to Mr Gbolahan the Crazieclown but he smugly said in a voice note that he saw our message but he doesn’t have time to reply Instragram pages with little followers. Listen to the voice noteHERE

Counter claims and insults are welcomed.


  1. AvatarAbiola Abiodun

    This is about your reputation dear, moreover this is a breach of contract …
    this should be worked on with an immediate effect..
    How can he do that, 2,000??? That’s really absurd..
    A unilorite without the reflection of probitas doctrina on him..

  2. AvatarTarykh

    I’m sure by now, he is sober
    So babe, forgive, forget and let it slide.
    U are a star and no one can stop ur shine.
    There bigger and worthy fight ahead.

  3. AvatarAkintunde Elias

    People can never be truthful in life the girl in question claims she paid him, the guy in question has evidence he posted on all social media, so if the girl can lie about that she can lie about anything.
    And to the mumu saying it’s just 2k even if it’s 1 Naira a thief is a thief


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