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Madame don land from de North to de East to de West to de South with Ogbonge tory.

Nah so I carry manpikin go waka waka o, in de spirit of valentine wey girls just dey allow boys path dier legs de way Moses path de red Sea. If person no get valentine nah to do correct Aproko, and una suppose don know sey after Aproko nah Aproko, if you sabi do something you must sabi do am well. Aproko hustle is bae, Aproko don dey make sense since 19kpirigidim, Aproko nah talent wey Baba God trowey me from heaven.

(**Aside**) Madame you talk too much.

Sha sha sha o, I carry manpikin go de corner corner joints wey leg no dey pass for my school, my ear don full for the kain kain tories about the serious servicing and rewiring and oiling of some engine parts in dese places. Ewo ooo! nah mechanic workshop?

I waka de breadth and length of de faculty of Arts, walkway, skyway, middleway, sotey e remain small make I waka go bank area side go chook nose around to see if I don miss something. Everything dry ehn like…. , bia wen recession start to dey affect the currents of Aproko? I wonderment.

As someone wey get strong determination to sha see gist bring, I reverse back to de class and use book to dey denge pose, con dey survey round de class with my 2000 megawatts inner eyes, people just dey form serious, nobody is touching or gumming body, nobody is pyessing anything. O ma ga o.

When 1:30 am knack, I tell my friend sey I dey come I wan quickly stroll because e dey be like sey fire wan erupt from de under of my bumbum any minute. Emi layemi, I navigate sharp sharp dey march towards de former faculty of education wey dem don turn to Business and management blah blah blah faculty, that faculty wey all of dem dey wear colour riot dey call am uniform, nah so so different different shades of blue, pink, purple and cream you go dey see. Rainbow department.

I stroll enter dier faculty, that place narrow wella, my sense con boot tell me sey make I pass one corner, nah so I pass de corner, I con dey hear small small sounds, madame don dey jubilate, see gbege and gist. Nah so I gently move close like cat wey wan pounce on rat nah ihn I see one uncle and aunty wey just dey yarn book matter, shuooo?. Mtcheww

(**Aside**) M.A, pack your bags and leave.

I con dey drag feet commot dey fear how my Aproko ministry wan collapse for my korokoro eyes but my God in heaven talk sey e no go put me for shame, eh eh! As I turn sey make I look just one more time Uncle don start to dey give aunty massage in some places wey I no sabi describe. Dem just dey kiss pluehm pluehm e no even sexy to somebori, nah so I turn pervert dey watch de show. Dey do pluehm pluehm sotey and begin to dig de inside of each other cloth like dog wey dey search for bone, dem con start to dey make one kain sounds dat I con cover my ears with the blad of jayZ. Nah so I tear race o.

Me, an underage pikin wey no suppose to dey see some kain kain things, God forbid me seeing things wey dey unholy. I cover myself with de spirit of God, his holiness today and forever in God’s name.

How valentine charade for una side? Dem do party? Nah something wey dem call one night stand dem do for my school yesterday.

All of una wey go tear pant and bra and boxers yesterday, hope una no forget tear rubber join? We no wan hear tories wey touch the liver in few months time o.

Aproko madame signing out!!!

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