News filtered into my ears few days ago but I ignored it, then I heard it again and again. They said some of my Nigerian brothers and sisters are celebrating Halloween, Pls is this true? Why am I even asking after I saw a picture of that boy called Eazi in a robocop costume, please what is the meaning of this nonsense? Funke! Funke!!

Hallowhat-is-wrong-with-us? Must we be told not to do something before we know we shouldn’t? Now you are out there playing Michael Jackson or Queen Cersei without having an idea of why you are doing it, but you are doing it because some people are doing it and it looks like fun. Dumb fool you didn’t even know jack about it origin and what it was about.

Why are we blind as bats when we copy trends from the west? Why don’t we see what they are doing to move their country forward?. Why is it that we jump out like ants who have sighted sugar any time something that has to do with fashion or pop culture starts reigning over there? We have even moved to the extent of copying their culture.

Bastards, bastards bastards everywhere, did you attend the Osun osogbo festival? Egungun nko? What about Awonga? Have you ever participated in the Eyo festival? Do you travel home with your parents for the New Yam festival?

Hypocrite with a capital letter H, won’t you shout idol worshipping and good Christian and Muslim if it was a Nigerian thing? Y’all want to associate yourselves with what looks tush but you end up fooling yourselves. You think it makes people think you are current and dope but guess what? You are just making people wonder what has gone wrong with their beloved relative and friend. Those stupid slay queens who have jumped on the bandwagon are only looking for customers, they will seize that opportunity to dress up as a sexy nurse or a naughty school girl, wearing provocative clothes to advertise all in the name of Halloween. Hallowaste!


Hallowhat the heck, please idiots and fools celebrating this crazy thing, did you also go trick or treating? You think it is not an African thing because we are backward yeah? Nop, we don’t celebrate it because to repeat myself again, it has nothing to do with us, also common sense should tell you that no Nigerian parent fit send ihn pikin out at night to dey beg for sweets from house to house, when they are not swearing for that person, in this times of kidnapping and adultnapping? Olodo, you will now say you are doing Hallowaste and will end up jamming people celebrating the oro festival, and then you mistake it for costume and walk with eyes wide open into he hands of death. Dindinrin oshi


Come here, did you carve out scary jack-o-lanterns? Wait, what am I even saying, does pumpkin grow in Nigeria? I even heard some fought their tailors for sewing theit costume wrongly. So you mean you bought materials for costume in this recession period? All because of Hallowaste? Thunder fire you there.

See Phyno looking like a confused werewolf

And we keep wondering why the west treats us like cow dung, why won’t they? when we keep dumping what is ours for theirs and then act like all the money in CBN was shared out to us if one of them speaks our language, wears our cloth or participate in our festival. Please are we okay? I think not

As if that wasn’t enough, I was sent a broadcast message recently advertising a Halloween party, are they doing you people? Is it your forefathers festival, when they asked you to come and carry masquerade did you answer? What exactly would you do at that party? Tell scary Halloween stories or have people dress up? I can’t imagine, well, it is only basic and lackluster event planners who jump on every opportunity to throw meaningless parties! And what would happen there? Won’t you people dance Penalty by Small doctor and the rest? And you call it Halloween party? Confused sheep, see you tottering between your culture and theirs. E dey your body, no face front go study una own culture and rep am wella, dey follow oyinbo do abeg sir/ma upandan. Continue to stoop low to eat the shit they will keep serving you with.



  1. AvatarIshaq Abdulkareem (Jnr)

    It appears the common sense is not common anymore. We appreciate a borrowed culture than our own sets of standard all in the name of copying western people. Hallowere indeed..
    You really blow my mind with tour thoughts provoking pieces. Bravo


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