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Have you ever got up in the morning, pissed at everything and everyone for no reason? Waking up on the extreme wrong side of the bed with your coverlet on the floor and you don’t even know how it got there?.

Most times, I get pissed for no reason in the morning, other times I get pissed because I wasn’t ready to wake up yet, or I was having a beautiful dream and it was cut short (this hurts the most) by my mum yelling my name, my alarm, hitting my hand against something or just this rude consciousness that triggers me awake, I have had loads of silly dreams I can’t start counting.

There was this one time, I dreamt I was in Paris, I visited beautiful places and had fun taking pictures speaking smattering of French but it was fun, I got hungry and decided to visit a top notch restaurant, I had already ordered for my food when I woke up for no reason!, my mum wasn’t yelling my name telling me I’m late for school already neither did my alarm wake me up with it annoying shrill, I fell back into bed sad, angry and it was just 4:56am. I was angry at everything and everyone for the rest of that day.

We all have dreams, whether silly, incredulous, ridiculous, fantastic, beautiful, what matters is a dream is a dream, and the way you live the dream is what matters, you can’t control your dreams but you CAN control what to make out of your dreams , let us work towards something today, this very minute it is never too late, it could be anything at all.

What are your dreams and aspirations in life? Don’t be afraid to share. #xoxo

7 thoughts on “WHAT ARE DREAMS MADE OF?

  1. AvatarAbdulbasit

    Dreams are not reality, but dreams are just dreams, you work to achieve it. What about destiny

  2. AvatarTasnim

    In this part of the world, the poor do not have the courage to dream because they dont usually get to live it as money rules almost everywhere, i dream of a day that the poor can live their dreams


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