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I have heard lots of lectures about outward presentation and appearance to last me a lifetime, they talk about helping you become a better person but they would never tell you how that ruins you, they talk about how you should look in public, what to say, how to carry yourself and what not, the need to wear 6inch heels to a dinner party just because it is deemed appropriate but you’d rather be chilling at home with a plate of rice and stew watching Jenifa’s diary in your pajamas, but because you would not want any of your friends to think you are not up to standard, not cool enough and that all the brouhaha about your parents having money were actually lies invented by you to maintain your image you follow them to the party anyways!
Image? Gotcha! After God created us beautifully and wonderfully, he gave us a skin (character) our eyes got opened (we became self conscious) and we started wearing clothes (masks to cover our character) as times goes on we started emulating some modes of dressing (other peoples attitudes and characters) as time goes on, we became so choked and confused, we don’t even know who we are anymore, neither do we want to go back to being naked, that would make us so open and vulnerable to anything, anywhere,so the struggle starts, identity crisis, hot today, cold tomorrow, trying to be what the public wants and at the same time having some inner struggles about who we want to be.
We have bought tons and tons of clothes, we have tried the trend, we have tried to set the trend, we wore what was in vogue, we tried going back to the 90s eventually we gave up and decided to go Goth,not making sense? We have tried different types of masks, good image mask, bad image mask, cool image mask, smart image mask, confident image mask, playboy image mask we bought masks according to what the society deemed necessary and we would continue to wear different types of masks until we got fed up and and decided to go “downlow”. That is when the real struggle starts, we start sorting through our masks and realize we can’t throw all away, imagine trying to throw away your fake smart image and you say to yourself “so I don’t want to be seen as a smart person anymore because I am not really smart , I would throw away my glasses, my shirts, my briefcases, the big textbooks I don’t really read but carry around to make people think I read them but errrr I won’t throw away my fake medal yet, they should all think I won this at a science competition” seriously? Most times we all take one step forward and two steps back, scared and afraid to show the world how we want to live it, we free ourselves from societal slander by chaining ourselves to a mental prison.
We exhaust ourselves in the bid to make the world see us as this, this and that when being who we really are costs nothing, I don’t like Pizza or Sharwama , I have not tasted them anyway but I am not eager to either, I get giggles here and there when I admit I have not but that has never made me march to the mall furiously spending a week’s allowance on a wrapped pastry with whatever it is they put inside, I have never taken my phone either to punch in the digits of Molly’s Snacks and fries to order a box of Pizza. This does not mean I am better than them all, it only shows my commonsense was available then when I needed it I was able to calculate the amount of “embarrassment” I would get from admitting that I don’t eat pizza and sharwama would be lesser from the one I would get from throwing up after eating “Pissa” (most folks call it that).
I am freeing myself from what the society expects me to be and what not to be, I have chosen to break expectations and keep surprising, you should be unpredictable not predictable nobody should be able to draw out what your next move would be, search inward and discover how you want your life to be, do not allow yourself to be a mindless follower of the standards set down by people like you and me, move, create, build yourself and don’t be afraid to falter once in a while for eventually you would get there.
Remember the most inexpensive piece of clothing you have got is your skin (original character) wearing someone else’s skin makes you a clone, you are not a clone, you were never meant to be a number two nobody would mention you first when you start cloning other people’s appearances and attitudes , and remember clothes comes with different quality, you may not be able to afford the designer ones so why not wear your natural skin instead? . Adios #xoxo


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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