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“What’s love but a sweet old-fashioned notion”

When people talk about love, they mostly add the word “tolerance” you should be able to tolerate a lot of things from your beloved, if you can’t overlook some things and move on you’d continue leaving every relationship at the slightest whim. It is even said that, if you can’t do this and would rather leave good riddance to bad rubbish, you are impatient and would continue going about looking for the right partner without “flaws”.

But, everybody has flaws? Even the world FLAWLESS, FLAWS can be formed from it.

What then should we do when we have someone we would jump “in front of Keke nape for” acting up. What do we do when the “bae” starts doing things we just can’t tolerate at all at all.

Here are some questions that I need sincere answers to concerning this issues of tolerate for the sake of love

– If you found out BAE impregnated and aborted for one girl after a one night, because he was drunk and didn’t know what was going on, what would you do?
– If BAE goes on multiple dates with her EX and vehemently told you “nothing happened” when you caught her. What would you do?
– What would you do if you fiance/fiancée develops a terrible odour in the mouth due to a stomach infection, what would you do?
– What would you do when you realize the person you are with eats like a pig and refused to listen to correction?
– What would you do if your partner is a chronic liar, you have spoken to him or her about it but the unnecessary lies still continued?
– What would you do if you get irritated by some things your partner does?

A Yoruba adage says “oun ti eyan o ba l’eje/nije ko ni fi run imu” it simply means do not start what you won’t finish.

So what would someone do if you love someone so much yet they are some things about them you do not like. Behaviours you can not overlook and habits you just can’t live with!
#xoxo have a beautiful weekend.


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