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A succinct definition requires no elaboration. But as succinct as the term fuckboy is, it definition varies at times with the context in which it is used.

I heard of the term fuckboy for the first time in 300 level, some girls in my hostel were having a discussion and I heard fuckboy, then I heard it again and again and again. What came first to my dirty mind is a guy who loves having sex, ehehehehehhe. Not until we were watching a movie one day and the lead actor was called a fuckboy by someone, and his character is not a sex addicted Bingo. I asked what they meant by the term fuckboy and what I got is ” a guy sha, you know those type of guys that don’t want to date you but only want to play with your heart”. I was surprised.

I never get to use the word fuckboy as much as I had hoped I would, but I have had encounters with fuckboys and I didn’t know they were fuckboys!

WHO IS A FUCKBOY? A fuckboy has lots of definitions, according to one of Urban Dictionary’s definitions “a Fuckboy is a guy that relies on his mum but doesn’t respect women”.

Typically a fuckboy could be that guy who is a mummy’s boy but makes fun of girls with saggy boobs, it could be that guy who doesn’t understand why a pregnant woman will walk sluggishly like a snail. A fuckboy could be that boy who is not afraid to insult someone as old as his mother. A fuckboy could be that boy who would raise up a lady’s skirt in public and run away.

A fuckboy could be defined as that dude who spends all his cash on clothes, cars, blings, shoes and fancy gadgets just to impress and gets broke at the end of the day. A fuckboy is the guy that uses his school fees money to buy drinks at the club for his Gees so they’d think he is loaded. A fuckboy is the guy that borrows clothes and fancy accessories from his friends to ensnare girls. A fuckboy is the guy that owes all of his friends money, a fuckboy is always in debt but he still lives “large”. A fuckboy is a broke boy that acts rich!

A fuckboy as the name implies is that guy who doesn’t want you for keeps, he only wants you to do back flips in bed with him. A fuckboy asks for your nudes and shares it with his friends. A fuckboy plays ping-pong with your heart and expects you to still swoon over him, a fuckboy treats you like a beautiful garbage that ends up in a trash can. And ha, a fuckboy is a master at getting dumped, no, they don’t dump you if they don’t want to, they make you dump them and manipulate you into dumping them and at the end of the day they tell you “but you know it wasn’t my fault”

A fuckboy can be that guy who left you hanging for hours when you guys are supposed to be out on a date. A fuckboy would intentionally leave you to go laugh and throw banters with his friends when he is supposed to be with you. A fuckboy will never respect your feelings.

A fuckboy is that lame dude who keeps telling everyone who cares to know that he has been with lots of hot beautiful women including you, he buys imaginary panties and hangs them on the wall like plaques from Sex Award Winners Gala night. He keeps going on and on about his sexual prowess when he doesn’t even know where a clitoris is located, he crawls under desks and peeps at girls panties, he begs girls to give him a peck and brags he got a full tongue kiss from the hottest girl around!

A fuckboy is the dude that hates you because you refused to date him. He bad mouths you everywhere and tells people you broke up with him for no reason even though you were never involved with him!

A fuckboy is a guy that is cute and knows he is cute. He is a walking disaster, heart wrecker.

A fuckboy is any guy that catcalls women.

Oh, a fuckboy is an immature male specie that pretends he is matured enough, he gets drunk on maturity and misbehaves.

Being a fuckboy is not worth it, it is not cool, being nasty and disrespectful to women doesn’t make you superior. DO NOT BE A FUCKBOY.

what other definitions of fuckboy do you know? You can drop a comment below, I always reply! #xoxo

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