Yesterday, was like every normal day, in a country like Nigeria, yesterday was meant to be a day of celebration, of the much awaited political freedom that we craved for and didn’t get, until May 29th 1999 but I wonder what we were celebrating?
    Everybody was looking forward to how Nigeria would fair politically, in all this excitement and huge hopes, some were predicting the world would come to an end in year 2000, I could not help but laugh when I came over all the funny stuff associated with year 2000 while reading my grandma’s old magazines.
     Fast forward to 2016, few among Nigerians celebrated the democracy day this time around, I reckon they are those that have enough tomatoes to prepare their stew, while the lots of us make do with satchet tomatoes and grinded pepper. Families argue over dinner, the father the most passionate of them all, blaming Buhari for his inability to leave enough money for soup,children who now know better than their age nod comically exchanging knowing looks with their mother, while she furiously stirs the bland stew she is cooking.
     Nigerians have resorted to trekking, motorcyclists would rather waste their fuel rejecting passengers over 20naira difference in fare haggle, Taxi drivers cram passengers like sardines inside their cars, begging and at times cursing, boring passengers with the sleepless nights tales spent at filing stations trying to fill his tank and he adds “425 per litre!  425 ha!” spitting saliva into faces in the process of hastily getting his words out.
    Corruption? Old news, we have come to accept corruption as an essential part of existence, absence of corruption made Nigerians protest, the ignorant ones compare the past administration with the present, how things were much easier then than now, if only they knew we were surviving on corruption, we still are surviving on corruption but channels of output to the remaining members of the society are now stifled, fewer songs of praises of politicians are less heard on radio now, since there  are no surprise envelopes from the politicians, corruption shines on our forehead and glows in the darkness to  a new dawn, shutting out revolution till we get Wiser and less greedy.
     News of Fulani wrecking havoc, boko haram mayhem, Biafrans agitation and Niger Delta militants threats is now a norm and no longer news, we have stopped cursing boko haram and their bombings, rather we weakly call our loved ones and ask if they are safe, most of us have resigned to fate while the rest heap blames on the president.
    Things seem harder and harder for the ordinary Nigerians while those suckling Nigeria dry are still milking away, we cannot only hope for a better tommorow, we should try and work for a better tommorow, tommorow seems so far away and according to a quote read somewhere “tommorow seemed to have left us yesterday”.


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


  1. AvatarMedudiva

    There’s always light at d end of the tunnel…… No matter how long it takes to get to that end. The future might seem bleak for now but I believe in a better tomorrow #medudivasays


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