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If you were allowed to name yourself, what would it be? This was the question a friend on Facebook asked yesterday. I drop a comment on it and I typed “Dodo-which means plantain”. I find it hilarious and my comment was odd among people typing beautiful names they can only bear in another life or if they run away. Some said they would love to bear their own names over and over again. What is in a name?

The Yoruba tribe is a unique tribe, Yoruba people rarely do things without tangible reasons, this can be seen in their naming system, they’d say “Ile la n wo, k’ato s’omo loruko” that is a baby’s background or ancestry influences it name. There are special names for children that get delivered in wondrous ways, like the Aina, a child who is born with it umbilical cord wrapped around it neck, Ige Adubi, a child that is delivered leg first they are also called “killer children” Ojo, a child born in it sac, Abiku, the spirit child that torments it parents by being born multiple times and dying at an unripe age. The list goes on.

It is believed that a child behaves according to his or her name, but we have seen situations that contradict that belief. Some would even name their children after important political figures, dead parents so the child can turn out like that. Or out of respect.

Recently, naming has turned into headache for lots of people. The reasons are many,
– People have become too vain: Pop culture has affected a lot of individuals and they make fuss out of babies names by giving them names of celebrities or naming them after a song. An example is a woman who named her child Eminado the title of a song two Nigerian artistes sang. There is no meaning for the word in any Nigerian language but the artistes called it good luck charm and well, you can guess the rest.
– Uniqueness : some savvy parents do not want common names for their kids so they result to fancy often senseless names. Names that really doesn’t have a meaning but sounds pleasing only to the ears.
While some people attach so much importance to names, some see it as no big deal. Which is why someone names himself Happiness and another names himself Stone.

You may be nodding your head agreeing with me that a name is not that important but do you know it is the bone of contention between the rulers of American pop culture? The Kardashian clan. The story is so long but the crux is, a certain lady called Blac Chyna who happened to just delivered a baby for a Robert Kardashian wants to copyright the name before getting married to him in July so that even after divorce she can still use it. The Kardashians are furious because they do not want her to taint their name. A name that is now a force to reckon with even female step siblings of the clan live under the shadow of the name. This has turned into a legal battle.

So while you are here in Nigeria thinking of what to eat in this recession period, know that some group of people are fighting over name in America!

What’s in a name? What’s in your name? I would love to hear from you. I always reply! #xoxo

6 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN A NAME?

  1. AvatarTslim

    Enter your comment here…i agree a name has great importance in d life of a child. my name is Dorcas which is a Greek word for the animal gazelle. a gazelle is an animal known for it’s beautiful eyes, grace n gentleness. so I just tell ppl that my name means gentle n graceful .

  2. AvatarT.piano

    Without your name you are nobody… I am always proud of my name anywhere anytime any day. My name is Anthony derived from the greek word “antonius” meaning “the priceless one”


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