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Top of the morning guys, May is here, may is here, may is here. Omg! I ken’t keep calm mehn. May is a very special month due to some reasons.

Number one, I was born in the month of may, as in I be original May, #May’sverybest #OriginalMaypikin #Mayqueen. Nah my uniqueness follow me enter unique month, you can argue with me later though but here I am stating it that may born are really special. Ntoin to people that are not born in may


Number two, May is the month that I started blogging, and well so far so good. We thank God o. My anniversary is around the corner, this is what people call double celebration. My head is swelling as I type this. Omg omg!!!

Number three, May is a month of growth, this is when rain falls in abundance and things bloom. Everywhere is more beautiful in the month of may, exotic flowers beckon at you in their full glory, their heavenly smell. May is just a beautiful month!

Number four, because May is May.

Number five, May coming around made me realize I am not a failure after all, that I can actually do something I love for a year without quitting. I learnt a lot on this beautiful journey that started in may! Yikes.

Anyways, I wish you a fulfilling month, Unilorin final year students how una project? Nah next month una go submit am o. Ehehehe awon guguru finalists. Ntoin again!

I have to drop my pen now guys, expect the story of how I started blogging the challenges, how I overcame them and who knows, maybe a giveaway announcement. #dropsimaginarypen #sauntersoutofpost

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