Raise your hands if you have ever been dumped at a friend zone how was it? Did you hail a taxi back to No Love Lost, None Found Street? jump and say ‘Aye Aye captain’ If you have ever been treated like scum by someone you would give your heart to on a platter of gold did you break the platter when they refused your beautiful heart or you sold the platter and bought a glue and metal lock for your heart?, Now say hi-5 if you eventually got over that foolish moment of your life, If you have not, punch yourself in the face, seriously I mean it, punch that face, one more time, good.
I am the captain of this ship and today we are not going with the relationSHIP, climb on board this nameless Yacht if you are still love struck and let’s take a cruise to the friend zone ville. Ready? set? Shoot!
What is the fuss about this zone friendzone? Is it that there are more than enough broken, rejected, dejected and emotionally ‘fragile’ people there? Or is it the zone for screpy boys some girls would never ever stoop so low to date no matter how nice the boy had been? Or is it the haven for extra sweet girls who forgot to carry their brains along while they stroll sheepishly along Love Avenue not knowing the next turn they are taking would land them in Friend zone ville.
What is Friend zone? According to Wikipedia “the friend zone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other does not”.
Why exactly is that zone dreaded? Who made the zone unsafe for it inhabitants? What is responsible for the relocation from Love avenue to Friend zone?
I think majority of people who got themselves in that zone or get put in that zone are mostly people who are blind to obvious signs, signs that tell you the other party is not interested in having any romantic liaisons with you or whatever it is you wanted from them. Some get in that zone when they mistake kindness for love while others get relegated to that zone because they expected love as reward for their kindness. Really? So you still went ahead flirting with someone who brings up excuses not to see you when you are getting sick from missing them? Wait you thought he/she loved you just because they helped you with your assignments or bought you chocolates on valentine’s day? Have you been denied simple acts of kindness all your life that you can’t even differentiate between a crush, love interest and a friend? And hey you! You actually thought you guys would end up in bed just because you drove them from school to the park and back three times in a day or just because you helped them fill that form online before the registration closes automatically guarantee you are getting a booty call? So you would expect that little girl you bought candy for at the sweet shop to date you or what?
Majority have gotten themselves dumped at that zone because they expected way too much from the other person, they jumped headlong into friendship with the idea that eventually the other party is going to develop romantic feelings as well, when that doesn’t happen they cry wolf and moan about getting friendzoned! I swear bruh, you is silly.
Some sadly got themselves moved into that zone on a beautiful Monday morning or cool Saturday night when their love interest introduces their boyfriend or girlfriend to them and why does this happen? Because they keep dropping hints and clues the other person didn’t notice, they never talked about how they feel with their love interest, some get scared because they don’t want to be rejected while others do not want to jeopardize their friendship, so they get gloomy and tried to put up a brave face but end up crying all the way to friend zone, some would even missed the way and need to turn back around to get to where they belong, obviously. What makes this sad is, the love interest might be interested but got over it since they thought the other person is not into them. Sad
The zone has turned some people into stalkers and serial killers, oh yes which is why I asked earlier why that zone is dreaded. Bitter friendzoned people might turn into bullies who would cook up lies about the person they were crushing on, they could go as far as sending malicious messages to them as well, some would try to wreck their crushes psychologically by talking about a relationship that never exist, making it look like they were dumped or betrayed. Some really crazy ‘Crushers’ would stalk the ‘Crushees’ making their lives living hell and making it difficult for the ‘Crushees’ to have a meaningful relationship, some go as far as killing whoever their Crush is dating, they have the belief that if it is not them, then it is no one else.
Even though it is hard to cope with rejection, I think it is better we save ourselves heartaches and stop giving ourselves false hopes about people, it brings nothing but disappointments, it is better we confess our feelings and not expect the same from them, just confess and let it go, it would make you feel better, it is up to your friend to decide whether they are worthy of being your lover or not. And NO, don’t even expect a relationship from sleeping with your friend and don’t get mad when your friend gets hitched, you were a friend with benefits and yes you and you are the Duke and Duchess of Friend zone Republic.


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