Hey guys! Here is another young man who sees beyond the craze for latest gadgets and airs most boys carry about themselves nowadays. Meet Dante the Baruten boy who is gradually making waves with his style of music.
Dante is a rising artist with a lot to offer if given a chance instead of swag most artists carry nowadays. He is from kwara state striving to be the voice of the voiceless. He often pity the poor state of society as the poor are needy and the rich are greedy. One man can’t change the world but this guy is ready to try through music, because music is life, don’t underestimate Him, a little faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain.
> > – Can we meet you?
> My name is EL-Mateen .C. Balarabe, I am from Kwara state and I am currently schooling at the University of Ilorin.
> > – What does Dante mean and how did you come about that stage name?
> Dante in my language means everlasting power its just the English pronunciation that sounds different. Dante the name is unique, everyone says so too and they sometimes refer to Devil may cry a video game character thinking I got the name from there which is false assumptions, I got it from my tribe and decided to use it to make the difference clear as One Of a kind. Another meaning of Dante is
😊made it up myself.

> > – When did you fall in love with music? 

> Towards the end of 2013, so many experiences to share, any song with just beat is gibberish I consider it noise without direction. From there i drew my inspiration to be better and inspiring to be an artist that feeds and listens to audience without losing sight or visions in the process.

> > – When did you write your first song?

> Late 2013 can’t recall the exact date because at first it was like a transformation to something entirely different from your family’s view and it messes with the mind contemplating if you should stop while you are ahead or go forth.

> > – When did you record your first single?

> 2015, which was my second time recording, my first I featured Tsane & Dacoke in a track titled Tinini

> > – How is it like trying to record for the first time?

> Nervous and exciting, a bit complex too that was when I discovered there’s a lot to music than I thought, its pure hard work it deals with the brain, emotions and experience. That’s why I find it disappointing when a song is not appreciated. Especially upcoming artists they face so many hardships which eventually takes them off rail. They tend to trade their passion for glory.


> >   – Do you consider yourself a studio Rat?

>Not really. You don’t have to be studio based to be creative, for me its just a killer of inspiration as you see artists wasting good sounds with gibberish, though its not all the time, you also meet killer artists that murders the sound. My studio is my mobile phone, I explore reality to compose my lyrics, because i don’t make up anything phony. So much to see outside than being cooped up inside making up lies for just entertainment.

> > – Were there setbacks that had made you want to quit at a point?

> Yes big time, the confusion and pressure can make a man go berserk. Some want club banger others want hardcore. Who am I to listen to ? A good artist listens to the audience. And the critics are like Hell No, the critics feel like stab wounds as you see your visions and efforts being crushed. The biggest hindrance in the line of music is critics. Ordinarily who wanna be criticized not to talk of artists. It devastated me so much I wanted to quit but, music became part of me and I couldn’t stop composing and grooving to instruments I come across. Since then I say to myself fuck critics  bunch of haters that can’t do half of me, You’s a bitch. The critics affect me less with those thoughts making me better and tougher coming back with a vengeance.


> > – Who do you look up to in the music industry?

> Eminem, Sia, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Wizkid, Davido, 2baba & AKA

> > – Who would you like to feature soon on your next single/album?

> Davido, Wizkid or Rihanna

> >   – Do you rap in indigenous language?

> Yes just started, I speak several languages but most have been used, like Hausa, Igbo, I can even rap in Yoruba, so I thought of my tribe called Baruba the language is called Batonou spoken in Nigeria and Benin republic.

> > – Your latest single LIFE IS GOOD sounds similar to what other artists have been doing, do you plan to bring something new soon?

> Yeah I already have something new titled Gobi (Money) via

> > – Have you received awards so far in the music industry?

> Not yet. I stay on a low key hardly visit events to gain recognition.

> > – Is Dante dating?

> Nah! My love life has been a no show, my exs are beautiful but lack motherly affection. And That’s what guys crave for.

> > – You look really cute, do you get harassed by your female fans?

> Yes I do, but I can’t date them all unfortunately, I tend to relate with them on a matured level, they love me and I love them too.

> >   – Choose one, Olamide or Phyno?

> Phyno! Because his progress of success inspired me to do indigenous rap

> >   – Do you plan to have a babymama soon like some music artists?

> Only Time will tell because being a Dad is my greatest wish, just disappointed most guys & ladies reject the privilege. People should stop wasting seeds that have been planted, would they be alive right now if their parents did that to them? Keep it at the back of your head, if you don’t want a kid yet use damn protection don’t be a hypocrite.

> >   – If you were to get signed to any record label, where would it be?

> Supreme mavin Dynasty.


> > – Where do you see Dante in the next 5years?

> Ibiza the paradise of Musicians ask Mike Posner after all he took a pill in ibiza.

> > – Do you see yourself quitting music?

> Often think about it but let everybody see the future here in me

> > – What  was your most embarrassing moment on stage?

> Looking straight in the eyes of people who don’t understand, I see it in their eyes they want Lil kesh or small doctor not doppelganger of Ice prince, M.I or phyno to entertain them at that point.

> > – Which Nigerian female acts do you have a crush on?

> Simi & Di’jah solid voice almost like Celine Dion and Idina Menzel the voice of Elsa in Frozen

> > – Let’s play a game, Kill one, kiss one, marry one. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé.

> Kill one Beyonce, kiss one Rihanna, Marry one Nicki Minaj. Cmon Nicki Minaj her Boodie is to kill for.

> >   – How do you see the future of Nigerian music?

> Quite good but disappointing in the aspect of inspiring people. But when it comes to club bangers we got Kings and Queens. I hardly understand the songs but when I see the video it just doesn’t correspond.

> > – What advise do you have for other upcoming acts?

> Don’t do it for the glory but for your passion, music touches the soul and changes a person. Try to change the world and inspire people to live like they are gonna die because they definitely are so they should make living worth it and filled with Redemption.


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