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L.I.F.E like Burnaboy’s debut album title is termed “Leaving an Impact For Eternity”. This begin the uncensored flow of my ink towards the mentality of some female counterpart of my age group.
I am like every other guy tired of the girly notion of “I can’t date a broke ni**a”, “I can’t do this guy, ..that guy” and all the bullsh*t. For God’s sake look through the rank, you can’t eat where you have not worked. Life is an impact that needs to be lived and it existence is a cyclic and organized movement, actions of today shape the decision of tomorrow, every ready-made guy has gone through hell and just like a blacksmith would shape his metal out of choice, he has been shaped to be who he is but you can be the blacksmith for any “chewing-gum” guy, pick him up, brand him, make him go through your furnace and set him out as your metal at that level you will be more than a sugar mummy to him, you will be him and you will be his. My dear lady you better be patient or you might one day end up in a Sugar daddy’s cupboard carrying a calabash on your head and tying a red loin-cloth around you waist.

Sincerely speaking every man is a playboy even that sugar daddy you want to be with, but believe me boys make decisions too and they also think about their future as well, if a man chooses to be with you, you are his only CHOICE (I don’t know if that happens with ladies too).

And on a second thought, I think dating an older woman who is rich is better than all this start-afresh, young girls without any idea of what they want in life except knowing the latest Mac lipsticks and foundation and being excellent eyebrow shapers; they don’t really have much to offer, they are mostly covetous and promiscuous, they always ready to go out with the guys that have more material things to offer.

So on this note, am asking you all over again, Do you really need a sugar daddy?

Abdulazeez charisma Yemmy

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